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    Shoutbox Log

    Womb, you legend!
  2. coffeejunky

    Beautiful Meteorite Build in Creative, Who Owns You?

    :3 That was both myself and Oliverw92 who built that. Way back when we first thought of having creative, I think we were mainly trying out the WorldEdit tools at the time. The small building I seem to remember us having a trial or wedding (?) with some of the server crew back then. Eagle is...
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    I remember you :D Welcome back!
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    Possible 1.7 Server Changes (Vote Please)

    Is there any way we can keep just creative? Would be a shame to lose some of the amazing structures there :(
  5. coffeejunky

    Sheepfarm from Mod...

    Lament has stated in the mod forums that this is not his sheep farm (from a thread dated Aug 16th). The logs confirm this. It belongs to Sophiesly. Where is the sign that shows Lament's name on it? You do not show this in your picture. I can see no evidence of his name there as of today (there...
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    Help me with a quick poll!

    Nokia Symbian Belle. Brilliant phone OS, but literally no app ecosystem (doesn't bother me). I do have an android tablet that mostly gathers dust, so my serious vote would go for Android.
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    Legacy Maps Downloads!

    Thats Build3, build2 or pvp1, depending on when and what server (we used to run two servers for build and pvp before multiworld).
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    Potential feature in the Bitcoin Magazine!

    Only have a 1080p monitor and I can't seem to get shaders to look quite right. Blueotter can give it a go if he has time. I'll look into seeing if I can get them working right if I get time. I think it looks particularly nice with the Enchanted Pack, but it also looks pretty good in vanilla...
  9. coffeejunky

    Potential feature in the Bitcoin Magazine!

    I have pretty much just completed Pompeii in Creative. If you want a long running project, then that has been, like nearly 2 years? Thousands of blocks of Marble. Would probably look very nice with the shaders. E- Depending on how soon it has to be done, and my activity, I could finish off...
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    Banners? I think so!

    Send me a PM with your Dropbox email and I can add you to the shared folder with all the MinecraftCC design stuff, there are a few nice builds in there. Don't edit anything directly within the folder though!
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    Desktop Thread

    Here's an update of mine :3
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    Honestly, I was all for saying you should never come back when I cleaned your mess up. You have to understand that what you did is something a griefer would do. Some people died in the lava and lost their stuff. Secondly, you can't just 'clean up after yourself' when you do something like this...
  13. coffeejunky

    where should I appeal for a ban?

    You may appeal here. You were banned on Wednesday 24th for suspected X-Raying. If you believe this was you, please be honest, honestly and forgiveness will compliment your appeal. If you believe this was not you, remember, your account is your responsibility, you must take steps to keep it secure.
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    .22LR ammo?

    Next to no crime where I live. The police release crime maps where you can see what crimes have been committed in your area, down to the street. We do have armed police, but generally only in bigger cities, and even then they get next to no use, you will never see an armed policeman on patrol...
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    Banned for how long?

    According to the mod logs you were banned for griefing a beacon North of Build spawn. The ban is not temporary. Please consider making an appeal in our Ban Appeals section where it will be reviewed and discussed. Don't forget to add any information you think might be relevant.
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    DEC:Update37 application

    That is a really nice build, props as well for doing it on pocket edition, I don't think I would be able to persevere with that xD
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    Post Your Bitcoin Address Here

    [coffeejunky, 1Q17ES5actMvdsBUPyi6tpMRY5WFB1ML85]
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    Hello nublet :3
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    Do You Think Jeb's Ruining Minecraft

    Except that on the default texture pack they look like a brown toddlers sock filled with soil.
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    Rest in Peace

    I must admit totally unannounced demotion out of the blue (when I was still checking forums daily, not sure what happened to the sensible idea of a roll call, really) did leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. By the time I had time to explain my absence, I no longer had access to mod forums. I...