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  1. coffeejunky

    Introducing Pirate Oli

    I was working on converting the statue of Oli that Nostrano made into a pirate, and this is what I ended up with :D
  2. coffeejunky

    Official MinecraftCC Texture Packs

    Watch this thread to be notified when updates are released to the official texture packs.This includes both the Creative pack and the General pack. You can find all the information you need, including download links over on the Wiki. You may also post any suggestions or improvements you would...
  3. coffeejunky

    coffeejunky's Builder Application

    Right, now I am back off my holiday it's time to do some building :D Here are just a few of the things I have built on the server - First off, /warp trainset. Built entirely by me. I did most of the layout for the Las Vegas sign, and the Sphinx (even if it does look a little goofy) The...
  4. coffeejunky

    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (on MinecraftCC!)

    Hi all, Marine's Hanging Gardens of Babylon got me thinking. What if we had all 7 wonders of the ancient world on out Creative world. I think it would be a pretty cool project to undertake. I can't actually start work on the project till I get back from holiday, but if you'd like to be involved...
  5. coffeejunky

    Minecraft documentary shorts

    If you follow Notch or C418 on Twitter, you probably know about this, but a production team wants to make a documentary about Mojang. They have released some proof of concept videos which are a nice watch - Part 1 - Part 2 -...
  6. coffeejunky

    Coffeejunky's Lucid Texture Mix

    IMPORTANT: As of August 2011 coffeejunky's Lucid Mix has been renamed to the MinecraftCC General Pack. Don't worry, not much has changed. You can find the page to download and view the pack here. If you have any suggestions for the pack, please post them here. . Hello all, After much adjusting...
  7. coffeejunky

    Server Details on Homepage

    Just a quick suggestion, It would be handy to have a small box towards the top of the forum that showed some server stats. -The server IP (people are always asking for this in the chat-box) -How many slots the server supports. -Rule List -Server Owner & contact link -VIP Benefits Not sure how...