MCCC Hardcore Battle Royale


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New World, New Gamemode

We are going to add a new server/world dedicated to playing rounds of a hardcore battle royale style game.

The rules will be pretty simple:

It's hardcore. You die, you are out. It will be whitelisted, meaning the initial group of players is all there is.
Griefing, PVP, traps, etc. all allowed. Players may work together, if they are brave, but teams cannot win. Chat, signs, etc. will still be G-rated, otherwise normal server rules will not apply.

Once the game starts, players may enter the world but for the first 2 days there will be no PVP. There will be a world border. After the two days, PVP will be enabled and every 12 hours the world border will contract.
Last player alive wins.

This is a new thing, any of these details may change in later rounds depending on how this first attempt goes.
If you'd like to get on the list for the first round, please respond here or contact me on discord, forum conversation, in-game, etc.


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I really think so! Although I worry about how likely I'll actually find the time to participate for days at a time.


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Sorry, I've been totally overwhelmed with a project and mostly out of action for the past couple weeks or so. I'll Try to set this up shortly.

There is one question that came up, given the long time span involved and relatively low amount of people, how to keep someone from gearing up during the "safe" period at the beginning then just waiting until the end to reappear?

There are a couple of possibilities, we'll probably do one of these two things:
1) players will get bonuses for amount of time in world, non-afk.
2) random bonus chests will appear in the world. Everyone in game can get coordinates for them and get loot that way.

This first attempt will for sure be a trial-and-error situation. We'll see what works and what doesn't.