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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SgtSpike, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    You need MinecraftCC every day.
    MinecraftCC - A never ending story.
    MinecraftCC for that good looking feeling.
    MinecraftCC - Its finger lickin' good.
    Don't play with fire, but play with MinecraftCC.
    Let your MinecraftCC flow.
    MinecraftCC - Dynamic solutions for your industry.
    There is no life without MinecraftCC.
    Life begins with MinecraftCC.

  2. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

  3. coffeejunky

    coffeejunky Server Moderator

    I did something childish and much fun was had -

    What happend when you doesn't have poo.
    With a name like poo ,it has to be good.
    poo that refreshes.
    poo the totally different.
    poo is the door to success.
    Christmas time is poo time.
    Heres the site btw -
    Keep it G-rated :)
  4. PD400

    PD400 Sentient Toaster

    Lunch time is Oli time.
    Everything for Oli.
    Around the world with Oli.
    Start your day with Oli.
    When you say Oli you've said it all.
    Take it easy with Oli.
    Strong for Oli.
    All you need is Oli.
    Oli - Clearly a better solution.
    Nothing is like Oli.
    Freshen up with Oli.
    Christmas time is Oli time.
    Oli for maximum pleasure and energy. (O_O)
  5. PD400

    PD400 Sentient Toaster

    Oli - Everything is under control.
  6. FrothingLuck

    FrothingLuck Most Disliked Since 2015!

    Frothingluck good to forget.

    Frothingluck love it- or leave it

    There's a bit of Frothingluck in all of us
  7. computerfreakDK

    computerfreakDK [Insert custom title here]

  8. computerfreakDK

    computerfreakDK [Insert custom title here]

    Awesome computerfreakDK.
    Chuck Norris loves computerfreakDK.
    computerfreakDK in action.
    computerfreakDK for champions.
    Keep in touch with computerfreakDK.
    Get more out of life with computerfreakDK.
    With a name like computerfreakDK ,it has to be good.

    I lol'd
  9. Inuuchiha

    Inuuchiha Meow Meow Meow

    Inuuchiha made history.
    Inuuchiha takes good care of you.
    Inuuchiha is possible.
    Sunny, magic, Inuuchiha.
    Christmas time is Inuuchiha time.
    Any time is Inuuchiha time.
    Inuuchiha 4eva!.
    It's real, it's Inuuchiha.
    The American Way of Inuuchiha.
    Inuuchiha - Choice of the masters.
    Everyone should believe in Inuuchiha.
  10. bobodamonkey

    bobodamonkey Got beans?

    Enjoy Bobo.
  11. coffeejunky

    coffeejunky Server Moderator

    I propose they rename the slogan generator as cliche generator. Because they are terribly cliche.
  12. computerfreakDK

    computerfreakDK [Insert custom title here]

  13. cikkirock

    cikkirock That guy.

    Cikkirock, for a better america.
    Cikkirock, if you know what's best for you!
  14. computerfreakDK

    computerfreakDK [Insert custom title here]

    The Vortex is your inspiration.
    I'd walk a mile for The Vortex.
    The Vortex brilliant as the sun.
    The Vortex is a legend.
    All you need is The Vortex.
  15. cikkirock

    cikkirock That guy.

    The fact that god blunders verifies in the existence of Cikkirock.

    Your name, Cikkirock , sounds like a slap in your face for me.

    Seeing a picture of Cikkirock makes me look under my bed before I go to sleep.

    Cikkirock ,we don't hate you because you're famous. You're famous because we hate you.

    Cikkirock is so ugly, people in Africa donate money for a plastic surgery.

    Cikkirock ,you want to save the world? Kill yourself.

    the slogan maker /hate website :3
  16. cikkirock

    cikkirock That guy.

    Cikkirock costs nothing.

    Cikkirock for pure enjoyment.

    Cikkirock can do better.

    Cikkirock brilliant as the sun.

    Cikkirock for every need.

    You're crazy with Cikkirock.

    The Cikkirock effect.

    Tomorrow is Cikkirock day.

    Cikkirock - If you love Cikkirock.

    Cikkirock so good you want it again.

    Cikkirock for pleasure and energy.
  17. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

    HudyBoy makes famous.
    The standard of HudyBoy.
    HudyBoy is the World famous for quality.
    Every bit a HudyBoy.
    HudyBoy is be lovelier to love.
    HudyBoy for a better future.

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