Bottomless Chest

Bottomless Chest
Bottomless Chest
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All donors (VIP and up) have access to a bottomless chest. This can be accessed in any Build, Survival, or Resource worlds (including Nether and End), as well as Lobby and Shops. It offers 7000 slots of storage, a mobile workbench, and can optionally be shared with other players.


Opens your bottomless chest. See the GUI section below for more information.
/chest workbench
Opens a workbench for crafting. This is built in and you do not have to carry an actual workbench.
/chest friend add <name>
Gives access to your chest to <name>, they can open like they would their own.
/chest friend <name>
Open the chest of <name>, assuming they have already given you access.
/chest friend list
Shows the chests you have been given access to.


Here is an example of what the GUI will look like:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 1.14.47 AM.png
You can move items between the top and bottom just like a regular chest.

To move the current view up or down you click the green panes of glass on the sides (either side, doesn't matter). The upper pane will move the display up, the lower panes move it down. If they show as red, it means you are at the top or bottom of the chest. You can click in various ways to move in different increments:
Left click to move 1 line
Right click to move 6 lines
Shift-click to move 100 lines
The barrier block icons in the middle are for the trash. There are 36 slots in your trash, and items in the trash can be returned to the chest. When you leave the server, the items in the trash are gone. You can also manually empty your trash from the trash screen.

Item Bridge

You can craft an item called Bottomless Chest. It's a 3x3 recipe, with an ender chest in the center surrounded by 8 diamond blocks. With the Bottomless Chest item selected, you can do several things:
If you left click while not aiming at a container, it will open your bottomless chest.
If you left click on a container, it will move items from the bottomless chest to the container.
If you right click on a container, it will pull items from the container into your bottomless chest.
(The chests above must be chests that you have access to. They cannot be locked to you.)
Sep 2, 2018
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